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Judith Pordon - Published Poetry

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Published Poems - Online

Recursive Angel - Expiration

Agniezska's Dowry - The Chubasco

Las Nubes Nos Banan - Verse Libre

Zerozine - Wealth

The 2River View (5.3)

Armor of Amor

Private Disgrace

Southern Ocean Review

Not Used to Much


Southern Ocean Review - Magnitude

Judith Pordon

Poems in Print
Literary Journals and Magazines

Judith Pordon - Suit Burst

Writers Journal - Blank Beauty

Judith Pordon - At The Top Of The Food Chain...

Composer Uncomposed

Sunlit Interrogation

The Lost Art Of Swooning

Tulane Review - El Mesero

Chiron Review - Being Used

Illya's Honey - Talk To Me

Your Apology


Translated Poems
English - Spanish

How Will You Kiss? - Como Besaras?

No Boundaries - Sin Barreras

Judith Pordon - Restoration

Published Lyrics to Classical Music

Judith Pordon - Flourishing True

Judith Pordon's New Poetry


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On Being a Poet

"A writer out of loneliness is trying to communicate like a distant star sending signals. He isn't telling or teaching or ordering. Rather he seeks to establish a relationship of meaning, of feeling, of observing."
John Steinbeck

"Every writer fears they can't write again. Every morning I must go to the library
and see my name in the index cards to know I am real."   Harry Crews