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Poems of Loss

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Poetry of Loss, Sadness, Depression, Illness and Dying

Poems about the Loss of A Loved One

Nguyen Quang Thieu - My Mothers Hair

Judith Pordon - Magnitude

W.S. Merwin - For The Anniversary Of My Death

Janet Buck - Parting Drapes

Robert Frost - Reluctance

Stella Padnos - Start/The Stopping

Poems about Death and Dying
The Passage from Life

Falling Beyond In Love

Ed Meek - At The End

Edith Joy Scovell - Deaths of Flowers

Walt Whitman - To One Shortly To Die

John Updike - Perfection Wasted

Yehuda Amichai - My Mother on Her Sickbed

Sad Poems

Depressing Poetry

Jennifer Michael Hecht - September

Poems about Health, Illness and Addiction

Judith Pordon - Prayer of Hope

Raymond Carver - What The Doctor Said

Grace Ezequiel - Beneath The Haze

Marge Piercy - The Long Death

Bill Velte - Fast Cancer

Poems of Other Losses

Poems of Hope, Consolation and Gratitude

Jaime Sabines - The Moon

Adrienne Rich - Stepping Backward

Rolfe Humphries - Coming Home

David Shumate - Afternoon Nap

Emily Dickinson - Hope is the thing...

Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Sonnet XLI

Spiritual Poetry

Poems of Grief, Sympathy, Tribute, Goodbye and Healing

Famous Poetry

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