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Women Poets

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Famous Women Poets
Contemporary, Modern and Classic Poems By Women


Contemporary Women Poets
Humorous Poems

Lucille Clifton - Wishes for Sons

Jean Nordhaus - Posthumous

Contemporary Women Poets

Lola Haskins - Sleep Positions

Anne Sexton - The Big Heart

Carol Ann Duffy - Talent

Omololá Ijeoma Ògúnyemí - Whispers

Alice Walker - Expect Nothing

Jan Gibson - Season

Susan Berlin - Request Denied

Denise Duhamel - For the One Man Who Likes My Thighs

Ellen Snell Adams - What We Don't Bring Out In Company

Spanish Language
Famous Women Poets

Carilda Oliver Labra - Eve's Discourse

Blanca Varela - Professional Résumé

Feminist Poems by Women

Marge Piercy - For the young who want to

Lena Lathrop - A Womans Question

Women Poets of Long Ago

Voltaraine De Cleyre - I Am

Poems of contemporary Poet, Judith Pordon


Composer Uncomposed



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Contemporary, Modern and Classic Poems
by Famous Women Poets.