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Poems about Children

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A collection of famous, funny, and sentimental poetry about children.


Famous Poets - on Childhood

Sharon Olds - Her First Week

Helena Sinervo - a child is...

Rainer Maria Rilke - Childhood

Poems About Girls

Lindita Arapi - Girls

Rhina P. Espaillat - Rachmaninoff on the Mass Pike

Funny / Humorous
Poems about Children

Judith Pordon - Suit Burst

Lullabye Poems

Sarojini Naidu - Cradle Song

Poetry About Growing Up

Tennessee Williams - My Little One

Billy Collins - On Turning Ten

Andrea Potos - First Knowing

Judith Pordon - Millwood Fields

Poems about Children
and the World

Roald Dahl - Television

Richard Wilbur - Boy at the Window

Poems about School

Howard Nemerov - September, The First Day of School

Bus Stop

Jacques Prévert - The Dunce

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Poems About Children

Public  education is a form of child abuse.blic education is a form of child abuse.

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Short Poems

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Famous Poetry about Children