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Famous Love Poems and other Poetry about Love

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Love Poems

from sweet to romantic to passionate to sad to fulfilled

Romantic Love Poems

Andre Breton - Always for the first time

Robert Herrick - Upon Julia's Clothes

Joseph Zitt - Psalm 183

Isabel Fraire - Mi amor descubre objetos - My Love Reveals Objects

e.e. cummings - i carry your heart

William Morris - Love Is Enough

Passionate and Sensual Love Poetry

How Will You Kiss? - Como Besaras?

Zebunisso - Ghazal

Dorianne Laux - The Shipfitter's Wife

Grace Ezequiel - Amante

T. E. Ballard - The Sweet Sound Of Bees

Octavio Paz - Touch

Judith Pordon - On The Line

Quentin Huff - Deeper

Elsa Gidlow - Is She Found?

Famous Love Poetry

e. e. cummings - somewhere i have never travelled

Anne Sexton - The Big Heart

Ibn Arabi - Wonder

W. B. Yeats - When You Are Old

Rainer Maria Rilke - Time and Again

Amy Lowell - Petals

Famous Sad Love Poems

Edna St Vincent Millay - Time does not bring relief

Robert Frost - Reluctance

More Sad Love Poems

Sara Teasdale - The Kiss

Angela Morgan - Choice

Sappho - The Arbor

Pablo Neruda - Lone Gentleman

Twisted Rose - RosaTorcida

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