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Poems of Grief, Sympathy, Tribute, Goodbye and Healing

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Bereavement Poems for Memorials, Funerals, Eulogies,
and other Healing Occasions.


Grief and Bereavement Poems

Gaston Ng - Second Day of Mourning

Emily Dickinson - I measure every grief...

Bill Mohr - Big Band, Slow Dance

Mark Strand - The New Year

W.H. Auden - Funeral Blues

Edna St Vincent Millay - Time does not bring relief

Robert Frost - Reluctance

Poems about Death and Denial

Tony Harrison - Long Distance II


Sympathy Poems

Kahlil Gibran - Your pain is...

Janet Buck - Parting Drapes

Suicide Poems

After Their Death

Twisted Rose - RosaTorcida

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Eulogy, Memorial,Tribute
Poems In Loving Memory


Judith Pordon - Dazzling

George Santayana - In Memoriam

Scott Wiggerman - Photograph

Judith Pordon - Vicki

e.e. cummings - if there are any heavens...

Diana Der-Hovanessian - Shifting the Sun

Poetry to Heal By

Charles Harper Webb - Feeling Sorry for Myself

Jalaluddin Rumi - your grief...

Czeslaw Milosz - Love

William Stafford - Security

Jean Nordhaus - Posthumous

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Flourishing in Crisis


Submissions accepted for
poems about someone you have lost
Funeral poems, sympathy poems,
memorial poems, and
Poems on healing from Grieving