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Inspirational Poetry from Famous Poets.
Humorous and Uplifting Poems from a variety of Famous International Poets.

Lesley Choyce - I´m Alive, I Believe In Everything

William Stafford - When I Met My Muse

Gerard Manley Hopkins - The Windhover

Mary Oliver - The Summer Day

Nguyen Quyen-Pairs of Shoes

Rainer Maria Rilke - God Speaks to Each of Us

Andre Breton - Always for the first time

Percy Bysshe Shelley - The Cloud

Pedro Salinas - Wake up. Day calls you

Josh Mitteldorf-Ten Commandments

Blank Beauty

Tennessee Williams - Heavenly Grass

Las Nubes Nos Banan

Oscar Wilde - We Are Made One with What We Touch and See

Rafael Guillén - Ser un Instante - To be an Instant

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Friendship Poetry
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