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Short Poems

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For a Hurry........a collection of short poems
...both Famous and New........about Love and Life........

Short Love Poems

Octavio Paz - Touch / Palpar

Dorianne Laux - The Shipfitter's Wife

Rainer Maria Rilke - Time and Again

Funny Short Poems

Lucille Clifton - Wishes for Sons

Short Poems about Children

Tennessee Williams - My Little One

Short Poems about Nature

David Wagoner - Lost

George Eliot - Roses

Short Poems

Emily Dickinson - Hope is the thing...

Richard Eberhart - The Eclipse

Wu Men - The Great Way

Ed Meek - At The End

Famous Short Poems

Sara Teasdale - The Crystal Gazer

Short Narrative Poetry

See You Next Year

Short Poems about Family

Bill Mohr - Big Band, Slow Dance

Thomas Hardy - Heredity

Poems on Family

Famous Love Poems and other Poetry about Love

CasaPoema's Webmaster and Poet Judith Pordon Published Poetry

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