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Biography of Poet Judith Pordon

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Loved reading.

"Insist on yourself, never imitate.
Your own gift you can present
every moment
with the cumulative force
of a whole life's cultivation."

"Insiste en ti mismo, nunca imites.
Tu propio regalo lo puedes presentar
cada momento con la fuerza acumulativa
de una vida entera de cultivo.""

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Love Writing.

Being an artist
means, not reckoning and counting,
but ripening like the tree

which does not force its sap
and stands confident
in the storms of spring

without the fear that after them
may come no summer."

Rainer Maria Rilke


My barn having burned to the ground,
I can now see the moon.

Japanese haiku


Building Casa Poema


Began writing a journal.

"Write without thinking of the result in terms of a result,
but think of the writing in terms of discovery."

"Escribe sin pensar en el resultado en términos de un resultado,
pero piensa en la escritura en términos de descubrimiento."

Gertrude Stein


for twelve long years.
Grades passed
like centuries.

Take my advice. Pass by.
There is no life at this stop.
Send your children to plant their dreams.

Grades disappear with years.
What is left
is what you love.


"You want to hold out for those things only you could say."

"Deberias sostener aquellas cosas que solo tu puedes decir."

James Dickey

"Because they've moved out of the society
that would have protected them,
they've moved into the dark forest
into the world of fire, and that's to say,
of original experience, that is
experience that has not been interpreted for you,
and that you've got to work out yourself. "

" porque se movieron de la sociedad
que los habría protegido,
se movieron al bosque oscuro
en el mundo del fuego, de la experiencia original,
que es la experiencia
que no se ha interpretado para usted,
y que usted tiene que resolver por si mismo. "

Joseph Campbell


First poem published.


Journaling often.


Wrote first poem.


Studying independently.


Continuing to write


Rewriting, revising, editing... then more

"The artist is the person who has concentrated on his inner world and tried to protect it,
through painting or music or whatever it was,
in order to give it to you."

El artista es el persona que se ha concentrado en su mundo interno y ha intentado protegerlo,
con la pintura o la música o lo que era, para darlela.

Anais Nin

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