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Poems of Gender Identity and Sexual Preference

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Poetry by and about
People of Alternative Gender Identity and Sexual Preference

Are you a Girl or are you a Boy?

Man to Man - Gay Poets

Scott Wiggerman - Photograph

Tennessee Williams - Heavenly Grass

Lesbian Poets

Emily Dickinson - Hope is the thing...

May Sarton - Leaves before the Wind

Sappho - The Arbor

Elsa Gidlow - Is She Found?

Adrienne Rich - Stepping Backward

Bi-Sexual Poets

Marge Piercy - For the young who want to

Edna St Vincent Millay - The Leaf and the Tree

Creativity Quotes from Famous Writers and Artists

Social, Political and Anti-War Poems

Women Poets

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We are accepting poetry submissions from
transsexuals, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered,
narcissists, metrosexuals, dykes, femmes, butches
and any other alternative sexual or gendered person.