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Mother Mary, A true story by Billy

Where to start? A brief history. I had no religious upbringing whatsoever. My father hated even the word God to be mentioned. Between the age of 6 and 8 I experienced horrific sexual abuse from a man in my street, he said he would GET my older sister if I told anyone, and of course GET me also. With no one to turn to, I was trapped; in fear of my life I became withdrawn. One day I was walking up my street, it was a dead end street, when I spotted my abuser, I turned and ran back down the street toward the dead end which had a wall that led to a coffee factory. I climbed the wall, jumped into the factory and hid, my abuser came after me.

¨I know you are there.¨ He said.

I had heard of this dead guy called Jesus who helped people, so I asked for his help. ¨Jesus can you help me? If you help me I will always thank you.¨ I stayed there until dark then got home safely.

Next day after school I was on my way home, I met my abusers mother, she said,
¨My son has been taken away today.¨

¨What do you mean?¨ I said, ¨Where is he?¨

¨Oh it´s a long story but he will never be seen here again, ever.¨

Over night my hell had stopped. I never saw him again. I don't know what happened to him. So I thanked Jesus for helping me, I chose to believe it was him who helped me, I will always thank him, and I did.

There is a point in every believer´s life when at one moment you don't know and then the next moment the knowledge is there of something else, a bigger picture. It happened to me at 8 yrs old. Freedom is such a fantastic feeling. So my journey begins and my personal relationship with Jesus also begins, not through any church but as my friend and brother who looks out for me.

This is not a short story, but I will try to keep it short. This is the latest divine experience I have been going through.

* * * * *

2000 yrs ago in India 18 rishis and 7 sages were instructed by Lord Shiva through divine intervention to write down the genealogy from the original 12 tribes which they say we are all descended from. After completion they were asked to write down the future destiny of all souls. They are engraved on leaves from palm trees, preserved with peacock oil. They are Called NAADI SHASTRA. (Palm Leaf Astrology) they say it is a science using astrology, When I was guided to this Naadi family 5yrs ago after meeting someone whose uncle was the priest that I was about to meet, in Leopolds Café in Mumbai, (which was the café that was attacked by terrorist in December 2008) I was only curious about what I had heard, that there were leaves for every soul. Now there is a lot that I'm going to miss out, how I heard, how I met them, also divine guidance. I arrived, gave them my name, my date of birth, and 3 thumb prints from my right hand. The prints connect you to your tribe.

After a couple of hours I returned, the priest said, ¨I'm going to ask you some questions, do not tell us anything about your self, just answer YES or NO, this part is identification and has to be 100% correct. Your mothers name is Elisabeth?¨


¨Your fathers name is John?¨


You are the eldest son but middle sibling.¨


He then told me in every detail, my sister, my brother, how many kids they had, I was married, divorced, my ex wifes name, my step son, my daughter, my work, how many blood relations were still living, the name of the woman I had fell in love with. Then he stopped and said that I would have to wait a while, they would get in touch with me after they had done a search in the library in the south of India. They took no money, I returned home thinking that was amazing; how did he know all my personal life, every detail?

* * * * *

Well it was over 2 years later, before they got in touch again. I received an email, WE HAVE YOUR LEAVES, awaiting your instructions, It was November 2004. I got my ticket to leave January 2005. Boxing Day 2004 the Tsunami hit, the east coast of India was devastated. I thought, well I wont be going to that part as the Naadi family were near Mumbai and I would stay in the west coast. I arrived in January. We had to go through the same procedure, mother, father etc but then some more details. They told me that it was written on the leaves how old I was to be before they could be read to me, that's why I had to wait over two years.

¨You move from house to house, you have no home for yourself.¨

¨YES 20 moves in 7yrs!¨

¨In the last 2 years since you were last here you have lost some belongings of great personal value.¨

¨YES my 30 year music collection, all my personal documents, tax, insurance, pension, and lots more.¨

The priest accepted the leaves belonged to me and would give the full reading, 14 chapters all about my life. I had the choice, abbreviated version or full version, every word in detail.

¨Full Monty for me.¨ I said.

The next part was recorded. ¨This is the word of God,¨
He said, ¨I have to pray this out, my sister will translate as I am reading, the leaves are written in the ancient Tamil.¨

He started reading and it was beautiful listening to him chant every detail of my life written 2000yrs ago. He highlighted the problems in my life and why these were happening.

¨It has to do with your last life, you have had 7 lives and this will be your last. In your 6th life you were born in India.¨ He told me my name, where and when I was born, my mother and father´s names, how many brothers and sisters I had: every detail of my last life. I had caused considerable pain to others in this past life.

He then revealed I had managed to clear much of the Karma in this life at the age of 33 with the help of MOTHER MARY.

Before the reading I wondered if this would be mentioned as 20 years earlier, in 1985, I had a divine experience with Mary in Bosnia.

I was not a catholic but had a life changing experience when Mary the mother of Jesus allowed me to see her arrive in the form of a light coming down from heaven on top of a mountain. When this happened an aroma of what seemed to be a million fragrant flowers overwhelmed me. As this scent came into my being I was filled with overwhelming unconditional love.

It is difficult to express but ALL my negativity from my past was lifted in one moment, a concrete weight lifted from me. I cried, ¨Please God never let me lose this feeling that is inside me at this moment.¨

I thought everyone there must have seen the light come down that and everyone could smell the scent that was so overwhelming but no, only me, the only non-catholic amongst the 30 or so present during the apparition.

One of the visionaries came to me afterwards and told me that Mary had come over to me, kissed my forehead and given me a special blessing. There is more to tell at this point but later.

My eventual decision from this experience was to become a voluntary celibate, fasting twice a week which lasted for 10 years.

¨Ah! That is how you have managed to clear much of the Karma, but you still have more to clear, and the leaves are giving you instructions to carry out to clear all negativity from your past. If you decide to carry out the recommendations then your future destiny will be fulfilled and your life will be as follows.¨

The priest then proceeded to tell me a year by year account of my destiny; the name of my soul mate to come, when my parents would be no more, illnesses and accidents. He said, "You have met many great people in your life so far (I have!) And you will meet many more.¨

All details up until the day I die at the age of 96 and 4 months, in the evening of the 4th month. ¨Your life will be no more.¨

Everything he told me was everything I ever dreamt of how I would like my life to journey, especially spiritually. There were four instructions; two were to be carried out in temples, one with the help of the priest who was giving me the reading, and had to be carried out on a full moon day, I was to take a garland of 108 flowers, 1008 one rupee coins in a copper pot and I was to be clothed in red garments, the second had to be carried out by the head priest on my behalf in Tamil Nadu, The head priest would carry out a NAVAGRAHA POOJA, which is a nine day ceremony involving the nine planets, A yantra made of copper would be made for me and worshiped then given to me after the Pooja was complete, I was then to take the Yantra home and then carry out a 48day Pooja in my home, then place the Yantra in the sea or river. I was asked to do a pilgrimage to the holy mountain in the town I was born in my last life. Finally I was asked to get a baby fruit tree and to plant it in a place I had never heard of, and say this prayer when planting: As this tree grows so the negativity of my past would be washed away.

The whole experience was an overwhelming overload of information, but all recorded to listen in my own time, so I left and headed to my sanctuary in Gokarn, Karnataka, where Lord Siva left his heart. I have friends there where I rent a house, golden beaches, and temples. I sat on the beach listening and writing down everything. The more I listened I would hear something I had not noticed before. I got so overwhelmed at one point the divine emotion welled up and I burst into tears, tears of joy, touched by God.

* * * * *

So after getting acclimatised, a bit of a tan, I decided I would carry out some of the instructions. I headed to the east coast to Tiruvanannamalai, in Tamil Nadu, the town I was born in my last life, a town I had been to before and fallen in love with. It was inland so had escaped the Tsunami. I arrived 2 days later. I met an Indian family and the daughter spoke good English so I asked her to listen to the tape and tell me where I was to plant the tree as I could not make it out.

¨VELLAN GANNI,¨ she said, ¨it is on the coast where the Tsunami has caused most devastation. Are you going to go?¨

¨Yes I will go.¨

She left and returned 2 hours later with a baby banana tree from her sister´s garden. 2 buses and about 8 hours travel, so I headed overnight. I saw on the map that it was not far from Tanjore where the leaves were found under the temple by the Brits 300 years before. They had been lost for a 1000yrs.

* * * * *

So MY PLAN was to arrive, find a safe place, plant my tree quietly, and then leave after a few hrs, then head to Tanjavur, But GOD HAD OTHER PLANS FOR ME.

Because of collapsed bridges etc, 4buses and 14hrs later I arrived in VELLAN GANNI, only to find it was a Christian community, a shrine to mother Mary. She had appeared there 300yrs ago and healed a crippled beggar boy, it was huge churches, shrines, a collage of Marianology, I started looking for a safe place to plant, concrete everywhere, wild goats eating any bit of green they could find, I was exhausted after the trip.


I was thinking, ¨where am I going to find a place to plant my tree¨


¨Ok Lord.¨

I found a hotel and settled in, I took a room on the top floor overlooking the sea. I was on the balcony when the manager came up. ¨That's where it came in,¨ he said, ¨the Tsunami came, everyone on the beach and at the stalls, two kilometers inland, the sea rose so high it filled the church, dead woman and children floating around the church, we thought it was the end of the world.¨

The Tsunami had come only 4wks earlier. A massive clean up had been done, but on the faces of the people you could feel the trauma.

I went out for a walk, looking for a place to plant, I was walking towards a small chapel when I heard a woman shout, ¨OPEN THE GATE PLEASE.¨

It was a nun and she was chasing a goat out of a garden, I opened the gate, only to see the most beautiful gardens in full bloom.

I asked if I could walk through them, she said yes but please close the gates after you. I walked through the gardens thinking, maybe I could sneak in here later and plant my tree, it was walled and safe.

'ASK FOR PERMISSION,' I was instructed.

¨O.K Lord.¨ It was getting late so I left. I returned next day and knocked on the college door which the gardens belonged to, a nun answered.

¨Can I speak to the head priest please?¨

¨Come and wait, he will be back soon. He is saying Mass just now, 10 mins and he will be back. I waited a while.

¨Has he not returned?¨ said the nun.

¨No one has come.¨ I said.

¨I will go look. He is in the garden just wait.¨

¨O.K.¨ I said.

After a while, she returned and said, ¨is he not here yet?¨


¨I will go and get him.¨

¨O.K¨ I said.

So she returned with the priest. He came into my office, and said, ¨What can I do for you?¨

¨Well I have a request, I want to plant a tree and I need it to be in a safe place, and I want to ask if I could plant it in the gardens, maybe in a far corner out the way.¨

¨Are you a Christian?¨ he asked.

I answered, ¨I believe in God but I think religions are man made and bring division, it causes great problems in our world, I believe there is no religion or division in God, but 20 yrs ago I had a overwhelming experience in Bosnia with Mary the mother of Jesus.¨

¨Why do you come here, with a tree?¨

¨Well I came to India and I had no intention of coming to the east where the Tsunami had hit, but I had a calling to come and plant a baby tree here, I did not know until I arrived that this was a Christian community and a shrine of Marys.¨ (I thought it better not to mention the NAADI as it was Hindu and tied in with Astrology, being Christians they would not understand. but I also wanted to speak the truth.)

I felt I was being guided, more so after my inner locution told me to stay, then ask for permission, The priest said, ¨I am busy just now, can you come back in two hrs and bring the tree with you?¨

¨Yes of coarse.¨

I returned later.

¨Ah good come in to my office. Mr. William do you mind if a few colleagues come and join you planting the tree?¨¨

¨Well I was going to just do it on my own but yes that's fine.¨

We went outside and there, waiting were many priests and nuns. I THOUGHT, My God what´s going on? This was not my plan,


¨O.k. Lord.¨

We walked a short distance. The gardener had already dug the hole right outside the head priest´s office. A metal cage had been made to protect the tree. I fully realised then that something divine was happening. I was being used by God, how wonderful.

I took the baby tree and laid it in the ground. I remembered at that moment that I had some blessed Ashes in my wallet that I had received from AMMA a living Hindu saint I visited in Kerala before I started my journey. She is called the hugging mother. Her blessing is when she hugs you. She also kissed my forehead, then my cheek, which I was told was a special blessing. so I started to sprinkle the ashes in the hole.

I heard a commotion behind me, I turned to see a very old nun pointing at me. She did not look happy. The priest said, ¨they want to know what you have there.¨

So I told them that it was blessed ashes from a Hindu saint, I have NO DIVISION in me, and as at the start of lent we are purified with ashes, so I was purifying the ground and the tree.¨

¨o.k.¨ he said, ¨carry on.

I said my prayer, filled the hole and all was complete.

I stood up and the priest asked if they could sing some songs of devotion. No problem. So they did. The priest said that after many deaths here, this tree symbolizes new growth and new life for us all.

He then asked if I would join them for some food. Well I had been fasting until I planted my tree, so I said, ¨yes please.¨ We started to walk through the garden back towards the collage when the head priest put his arm around my shoulder, ¨Mr William I have a request to ask you now, WOULD YOU GIVE US ALL A TALK?¨

¨I'm sorry but I don't understand, what do you mean, what can I say to all of you who have suffered so much, I am O.K with a one to one, but I don't know what to say to you, sorry but I cant do it.¨ I was a little taken aback.

¨O.K¨ he said, ¨we shall eat.¨

Still walking towards the collage.

'TALK TO THEM, TALK TO THEM, TALK TO THEM, YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, TALK TO THEM.' It was so loud and clear almost shouting.


Just then the priest said, ¨this is a collage where people come to learn about Mother Mary, you said you had an experience with Mary many years ago, I was asking you to share it with us.¨

My inner locution again said, 'TALK TO THEM, YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.'

We are in the collage now. I said, ¨I don't feel that I want to, but God is telling me to talk, so I will try, but if I get nervous and my throat closes up then I may have to stop.¨

He beamed a huge smile, shouted in Indian some instructions, and I was led upstairs to a huge room like a hall. I was sat in the middle and everyone was in a half circle around me,

MY GOD WHATS HAPPENING, my knees were shaking, give me a moment to gather my self, I went into a corner and prayed, you have to guide me lord, give me the words to speak, I took some deep breathes and returned, I Have been asked to share an experience with you all, I am not sure if I can express what I have experienced, but I will try,


30 yrs ago I married and we went to Turkey for our honeymoon. We visited Ephesus. On a mountain above the ancient city there was a small chapel where Mary the mother of Jesus was meant to have spent her last days. I had my first real prayer in that chapel and drank from the blessed spring. It was 1975.

Ten yrs later I ended up visiting a small village in Bosnia where it was reported that Mother Mary was appearing to six young children.

I was NOT a catholic, I was against the horrific history of the church, but was curious about the visions the children were experiencing. I was invited to be present at the apparition with the children, up on the mountain one evening.

I was sitting with a group of about thirty people, it was a clear night with a full moon, you could see the lights of the village far below us, only rocks and gorse bushes around us. The children were next to me singing songs in Croatian. They stopped singing and started praying. I was thinking, ¨well this is a nice place, a lovely clear night.¨ Looking up I noticed what at first I thought to be a shooting star.

We see shooting stars in the west highlands of Scotland most of the time, but this star moved at great speed. It did an impossible 90 degree turn downwards, heading towards us. When it arrived, it disappeared. This all happened in a few seconds.

At that moment the children stopped praying all at the same time and they were having a conversation with someone only they could see, their lips were moving but no sound was coming out.

I thought everyone must have seen the light coming down. Just then a scent started to surround me, a beautiful fragrance of flowers, it just got stronger, as I breathed it in I could feel it inside me, it was like breathing in an emotion. IT FILLED ME WITH A LOVE AND COMPASSION like I have never experienced in my life. It was so overwhelming I started to cry, ¨PLEASE GOD NEVER LET ME LOSE THIS FEELING I NOW HAVE,¨ I prayed. I felt I became part of all of creation, not separate but belonging to.

It is difficult to put into words. all my past flashed before me, mostly negative things, I felt them being lifted and forgiven for them, a concrete weight being lifted from my shoulders. I thought everyone must have smelled the scent.

Just then it was over, about 15mins had passed, the visionaries told us what the message was, then they looked at me and smiled, one of them came over to me, she said, ¨Our Lady came over to you and blessed you.¨

Well I could not answer, no words to express what happened, just tears rolling down my cheeks. Nobody else had seen the light, or smelled the scent.

A few days later I was asked to document my experience in a book at the parish church. After that, people were talking of a woman who was coming the next day, an Irish nun named Sister Briege McKenna. They were all excited that this nun was coming. Mother Mary had asked the children to contact her in Brazil where she has a vocation to help the homeless, and to come to Bosnia to give her a private message. She is a great and gifted healer, she was healed herself a cripple in a wheelchair, She also has the gift to see into your heart, and is not shy to tell you where you are going wrong in your life. She wrote a book a few years ago called 'Miracles Do Happen' It tells her life story.

When she arrived crowds of people queued to have a minute with her. I was standing a distance away, watching, then I heard my name being called, ¨Billy come,¨ it was Anita an Irish woman who was talking to sister Briege. I walked over to them. As I was approaching sister Briege put her hand out, I put my hand out to greet her but she held my hand and put her other hand on my forehead, it felt like a electric shock went through me. I remember a crowd gather round me, more emotion rising inside, tears, and then only her voice, ¨BILLY AS YOU WERE WALKING TOWARDS ME. JESUS SPOKE TO ME, HE HAS A MESSAGE FOR YOU, JESUS HAS A SPECIAL MISSION FOR YOU, DO NOT ASK WHAT OR WHEN OR HOW, HE WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN THE TIME COMES, JUST WHEN YOU RETURN HOME YOU FOLLOW A PATH OF LOVE, BE A GOOD MAN, LIVE A GOOD LIFE.¨ (There was more but I keep that to myself as it was personal.)

I met her five times during my stay there, each time she told me more, and a prophesy for me, also a warning about an attack that would come if I followed the path I was being asked to follow. That attack came a few years later as she had said.

* * * * *

The reason I went to Bosnia was one message Mary had given to the children that resonated deep within me. This is the message.


So the Franciscan priests were being pressured by the Yugoslavian authorities to stop the nonsense. The priests were not sure whether to believe the children, the apparitions were happening everyday at the same time. The parish priest asked the kids, when you see Mary tonight, ask her who the most holy person in the village is. So the kids asked her. Mary gave them a name of an old woman.

They took it to the priest. When he looked at the name he said, ¨this cannot be, impossible this woman is a Muslim, when you see Mary, tell her this cannot be.¨

So they said to Mary, ¨the priest says this cannot be, this woman is a Muslim.¨

This was her answer.
¨Dear children, religion is man made and brings division. In God there is no religion and no division, but you must have respect for all religions. This woman is not holy because she is a Muslim, she is holy because she lives a life of God. When she wakes in the morning she gives thanks for her day, when she works in the fields she gives thanks for her crops, she prays for everyone no matter what colour or religion they are, she goes to the mosque and also to the church, she gives thanks to God for sending Mary. She has no division in her heart, and the reason we know she is holy is because her light shines the brightest, her light reaches to the highest heaven for us all to see.¨

Well I could not believe Mary was saying this, this is what I also believed.

When I told this part of my talk to the priests and nuns, when I got to the part that the most holy woman was a Muslim, well I knew it would not go down too well, but there was only one gasp from a nun. I looked at her and repeated, she was not holy because she is Muslim but because she lives a life of God.

I Told them that Mary had come as the Queen of peace, and to warn the people of the oncoming war. Due to the fall of communism that would also come, Her message to the world was, that through prayer and fasting we could change everything, we could stop wars, and even lesson the effects of natural disasters, just like the one you have all experienced here with the Tsunami.

I know you have and are still going through the suffering of losing loved ones, family and friends. But I want to tell you all that we are living in very special times, our planet earth is going through the changes that are mentioned in the Old Testament and the New Testament, Our earth is in the pangs of labour, about to give birth.

To look at this it seems very painful as you all have seen. but with New Birth there comes also A new life, The loss you have all experienced is not without reason, God has not abandoned you all, as some of you have told me, but everything is going according to the Divine plan. We all have to just hold on helping each other, in these times of tribulation and suffering. Then soon our earth will give birth to a New way, a new life with no more pain and suffering, no more fear, only the unconditional love that our Lord Jesus came to tell us about, and our Mother Mary never leaves our side. She is always here with you all, holding you as a mother holds her children, so my brothers and sisters, never lose faith, hold fast and be strong, loving each other and helping each other.

While I was talking, I was not really looking at anyone, my vision was focused on a point between me and the people, but after I said this last piece, I looked at the people, they were all crying, with huge smiles on their faces. Well that did it for me, the emotions just welled up from within me, and my throat closed, I managed to say. ¨now I stop there.¨ They all started clapping and crying at the same time

The head priest stood up and announced that everything I had said was within the teachings of the church, even the Muslim woman, he said, (they all laughed). He thanked me and said, ¨¨William please come into my office for a moment.¨

In his office he asked me to look at the pictures on his wall. Aereal photos of the shrine with thousands of pilgrims, he said that is normally how many people we have coming here everyday, how many people have you seen while you have been here? ¨¨About 30 or 50¨ I said.

¨Since the Tsunami nobody is coming, but people from all around the world have been sending money to help. I have been so busy counselling people who have lost loved ones, that I have had no time to know what programmes to put the money into, Today I was meant to be in Delhi to discuss this matter, I had another priest ready to say mass this morning to take my place, but this morning my Bishop phoned me and said it was cancelled, I asked why, he just said, another time, so I said mass after all, I came out from mass and walking back through the gardens, and I realized that for the first time since the Tsunami, I had no appointments, I stopped in the garden and prayed, well lord what do I do today, everything has been cancelled. Just then the Nun came to me and said that someone wanted to speak with me, and look what our Lord has done for me today, he said. I am not just speaking for myself here, but everyone you spoke to, You were meant to come here, I was meant to meet you, You have given us all New life, a new beginning, we will look after the tree for you. Bless you and thank you.¨

Well I said my goodbyes, everyone waving to me: I was still crying, floating across the gardens, thinking ¨WOW, thank you Lord.¨

I returned a year later to see how my tree was growing and see the priest again. The tree was bigger than me. The Priest gave me a huge hug, and opened up a bit more. He said that he had been very depressed before my last visit, he had been told not to take any students that year into the college, but the day I left his depression lifted. Then the Bishop phoned him and said, ¨take students¨ after all. And now your tree will bring fruit soon. and he asked if he could offer the first fruits to the Temple, (church).

¨I would be honoured.¨ was my reply.

We still keep in touch by email. He just sent me his first book that he has written. Te title, 'Mary in the New Millennium.

Rock on Father Antonydoss.



20 Minutes into this audio file, Billy´s story is read by an excellent reader.

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