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Margaret Deland - Life

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By one great Heart the Universe is stirred:
By Its strong pulse, stars climb the darkening blue;
It throbs in each fresh sunsets changing hue,
And thrills through low sweet song of every bird:

By It, the plunging blood reds all mens veins;
Joy feels that heart against his rapturous own,
And on It, Sorrow breathes her sharpest groan;
It bounds through gladnesses and deepest pains.

Passionless beating thorugh all Time and Space,
Relentless, calm, majestic in Its march,
Alike, though Nature shake heaven's endless arch,
Or mans heart break, because of some dead face!

Tis felt in sunshine greening the oft sod,
In childrens smiling, as in mothers tears;
And, for strange comfort, through the aching years,
Mens hungry souls have named that great Heart, God!

Margaret Deland

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