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Dory L. Hudspeth - Baits

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...Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing
....that it is not fish they are after.......Thoreau

The bright lures caught him,
Their intended victim.
Hula Popper, Lazy Ike, Daredevil, River Runt.

The lake will turn over like
A sleeping woman, and
He will be there with rough cracked hands.
Bushwacker, Sonic, Hawaiian Wiggler, Whopper Stopper.

He craves the sleek contours
And simulations of life
In obscenely intense plastic.
Hooks are always there, just hidden,
Neatly packaged like suburban adultery.
Hellbender, No Alibi, Dipsy Doodle, Slurp-it.

He squints the shimmer of water from his eyes,
And mutters a kind of love
Or excuse for loneliness.
Bayou Boogie, Hot Spot, Dying Flutter, Buck Bush.

The choices, intricate as guilt, fascinate him.
With drooling visions it is all here just for him.
Puddle Jumper, Roostertail, Blue Demon, Bingo.

Dory L. Hudspeth


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