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Inspirational, narrative and surprising poetry
about nature, animals and trees.


Poems about Trees

The Old Red Kimono - Maples

Simone Muench - Dogwood

Robert Frost - Birches

David Wagoner - Lost

May Sarton - Leaves before the Wind

No Boundaries - Sin Barreras

Edna St Vincent Millay - The Leaf and the Tree

Animal Poems

Ronald Wallace - The Great Apes

Theodore Roethke - The Sloth

Gerard Manley Hopkins - The Windhover

James Dickey - The Heaven of Animals

Miles Garett Watson - Sermon of an Elder Catfish

Christina Rossetti - A Green Cornfield

Lucy Maud Montgomery - The Rovers

Jaime Sabines - The Moon

George Eliot - Roses

Edgar Allan Poe - To The Lake

Tennessee Williams - Heavenly Grass

Virgil Suarez - Hail Storm

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Fancies

Catherine Faber - The Word of God

Andrew Young - Hard Frost

Li Bai - Drinking Alone Under The Moon

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