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Poems of Loss

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Poetry of loss and grief, sadness, despair and healing.

Sad Poetry - Depressing

Jennifer Michael Hecht - September

Chiron Review - Being Used

Marge Piercy - The Long Death

Poems about Death
The End of Life

Ed Meek - At The End

Judith Pordon - Expiration

Jaime Sabines - The Moon

Edith Joy Scovell - Deaths of Flowers

Walt Whitman - To One Shortly To Die

Grief and Bereavement Poetry

Emily Dickinson - I measure every grief...

After Their Death

Kahlil Gibran - Your pain is...

Jalaluddin Rumi - your grief...

W.H. Auden - Funeral Blues

Eulogy, Memorial,Tribute Poems

George Santayana - In Memoriam

e.e. cummings - if there are any heavens...


Nguyen Quang Thieu - My Mothers Hair

Scott Wiggerman - Photograph


Bill Mohr - Big Band, Slow Dance

Tony Harrison - Long Distance II

Janet Buck - Parting Drapes

Poetry to Heal By

Charles Harper Webb - Feeling Sorry for Myself

Jean Nordhaus - Posthumous

Love Poetry

Spiritual Poetry

Nature Poetry

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