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Renouned World Famous Poetry.
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Famous World Poets

Thomas Hardy - Heredity

Jorge Carrera Andrade - Biography

Li Bai - Drinking Alone Under The Moon

Jaime Sabines - The Moon

Pablo Neruda - Ode To Clothes

Rainer Maria Rilke - Childhood

William Shakespeare - Now, my co-mates and brothers in exile

Famous Spanish Poets:
In Spanish
and Translated into English

Poemas en Espanol

Famous American Poets

Alice Walker - Expect Nothing

Maya Angelou - Caged Bird

Rudyard Kipling - When Earth's Last Picture Is Painted

Edna St Vincent Millay - Time does not bring relief

Emily Dickinson - Hope is the thing...

Walt Whitman - To One Shortly To Die

Poet Laureates In The United States

Robert Frost - Birches

Robert Frost - The Road Not Taken

James Dickey - The Heaven of Animals

Mark Strand - Keeping Things Whole

Billy Collins - On Turning Ten

Quotes on the Courage to Create

Famous Writers Quotes

The Importance of Mentors

Casa Poema Writers' Retreat

On Being a Poet

Poemas en Espanol

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