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Poetry on social and political matters.

Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer - Lynching

Bob Dylan - Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie

In The Next Seat : En El Asiento de Junto

Marilyn Krysl - Summer Solstice

Black Bear Review - Food Chain

Kaneko Mitsuharu - Opposition

Bruce A Jacobs - Jeep Cherokee

Amanda Kail - all of the freedom and none of the responsibility

Anti-War Poetry

Tom Earley - Incitement To Disobedience

Wilfred Owen - Anthem for Doomed Youth

Coleman Barks - Just This Once

Sam Hamill - State of the Union, 2003

W. S. Merwin - Statement

Pandora - Priorities

Majid Naficy - I Do Not Want You, Petroleum

Joe Napora - There is no poem that will stop this war

So The Customs Agents

Ruben Dario - A Roosevelt

Freedom Poetry

Maya Angelou - Caged Bird

Nazim Hikmet - A Sad State Of Freedom

Pablo Armando Fernandez - To a Young Freedom Fighter in Prison

John Haines - The Last Election


Poets Against the War

Not In Our Name - Anti War Resistance

United For PEACE

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