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I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.


So far as the artist is concerned,
the unlimited extent of human experience is not so important for him
as the depth and intensity with which he experiences things."

Thomas Wolfe

"I have lived on a razors edge. So what if you fall off,
I'd rather be doing something I really wanted to do. I'd walk it again."

He vivido en un borde de las maquinillas de afeitar. Qué si usted se cae,
yo estaría haciendo algo algo realmente deseé tan hacer. Recorrería él otra vez."

Georgia O'Keefe

"What now?" young Hilary prodded.
"Can't we just exist for a day?"
"Too depressing. Invent something."

May Sarton

"I feel anyone who does anything great
in art and culture is out of control.
It is done by people who are possessed.

Anyone who is gong to practise on the piano
22 hours a day is crazy.
He or she has to be crazy
and it is an embarrassment
to deal with crazy people.

So there is a great attempt to formalize art
to contain it, to hold their bowels,
to be properly toilet trained.

Yet the whole exciting thing about art
has to do with being out of control.
It has to do with real things."

Nancy Grossman

The place where I had freedom most
was when I painted.
I was completely and utterly myself.
It was more than a profession.
It was even a therapy,
for there I just told it as it was.

It takes a lot of courage in life
to tell it how it is."

Alice Neel

"Now and again thousands of memories
converge, harmonize,
arrange themselves around a central idea
in a coherent form,
and I write a story."

Katherine Anne Porter

This is the beginning of all art, visual or literary or musical:
be pure in spirit.

It isn't the same as goodness.
It is much more difficult and nearer the divine.
The divine isn't only good, it is all things."

D.H. Lawrence

Quotes about the Individualist

"I use the same approach on all works, whether poetry or prose: I tacitly assume that the first fifty ways
I try it are going to be wrong..."

" utilizo el mismo enfoque en todos los trabajos, sea poesía o prosa: Asumo tácito que las primeras cincuenta maneras seran incorrectas..."

James Dickey

Being an artist
means, not reckoning and counting,
but ripening like the tree

which does not force its sap
and stands confident
in the storms of spring

without the fear that after them
may come no summer."

Rainer Maria Rilke

Creativity Quotes Booklist

"The especially creative person
is precisely he whose personality tensions
are especially susceptible to adjustment;
he is more sensitive and suffers more,
but he enjoys greater possibilities."

Rollo May

"The work of art
acts like another living person
with whom we are conversing."

Anton Ehrenzweig

"I suspect that every writer
is secretly writing for someone."

Brewster Ghiselin

"The more we create,
the more we love and lose those whom we love,
the more we escape from death.

With every new work we round and finish,
we escape into the work we have created,
the soul we have loved, the soul that has left us.

When all is told,
Rome is not in Rome;
the best of a man lies outside himself."

Romain Rolland

"Because they've moved out of the society that would have protected them,
they've moved into the dark forest into the world of fire, and that's to say, of original experience,
that is experience that has not been interpreted for you, and that you've got to work out yourself.

" porque se movieron de la sociedad que los habría protegido,
se movieron al bosque oscuro en el mundo del fuego, de la experiencia original,
que es la experiencia que no se ha interpretado para usted,
y que usted tiene que resolver por si mismo.

Joseph Campbell

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