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Famous and soon to be famous
Womens' poetry from around the world.
Contemporary, Modern and Classic
Poems By Women.


Contemporary Women Poets

Christine McAuliffe - Hymn to Albaro

Maya Angelou - Caged Bird

Lucille Clifton - Wishes for Sons

Omololá Ijeoma Ògúnyemí. - Whispers

Alice Walker - Expect Nothing

Linda Sue Park - Handstand

Dorianne Laux - The Shipfitter's Wife

Simone Muench - Dogwood

May Sarton - Leaves before the Wind

Marilyn Krysl - Summer Solstice

Marge Piercy - The Long Death

Catherine Faber - The Word of God

Elinor Wylie - Pretty Words

Lola Haskins - Sleep Positions

Joyce Kilmer - The House With Nobody In It

Jennifer Michael Hecht - September

Jean Nordhaus - Posthumous

Jan Struther - The Last Adventure

Spanish Language - Women Poets

Carilda Oliver Labra - Eve's Discourse

Gabriela Mistral - Decálogo del Artista

Blanca Varela - Professional Résumé

Women Poets of Long Ago


Voltaraine De Cleyre - I Am

Christina Rossetti - A Green Cornfield

Sarah Teasdale - The Crystal Gazer

Emily Dickinson - Hope is the thing...

Lucy Maud Montgomery - The Rovers

George Eliot - Roses

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Fancies

Emily Dickinson - I measure every grief...

Edith Joy Scovell - Deaths of Flowers

Poemas de Judith Pordon


No One Must Know


On Being a Poet

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