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Cramp position number five, kneel,
press fist into navel, wrap breath
into knots. Bang head on floor.
This relieves cramps momentarily.

Press food youve eaten for a month,
into the bowl and hope
you can keep shitting without stopping.
This relieves cramps for two minutes.

Roll from headboard to footboard,
writhing with uterine spasms.
Remind yourself that someday
age will save you.

Bleat towards anyone who will listen.
Have them moan so you laugh
at them, making fun of you.
This cuts cramps for 3 seconds.

Ibuprofen will work in half an hour,
too long to avoid imagining
having no body,
the glorious end.

Then the soft landing, your matrix slides
as if swallowing the ends of knives.
Your arms and legs, rainbows
curving at the end of your storm.

And you drag yourself
with scant energy,
over the threshold,
to the quiet other side.

- Judith Pordon