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Humorous, inspirational, romantic, friendship, real,
contemporary literary and modern poetry
from famous and soon-to-be famous poets.

"To have great poets,
there must be great audiences."
Walt Whitman

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"The I of every poet
is a new dictionary,
a new language.

What one style says
another never can.

There are styles
with a rich vocabulary
able to quarry out innumerable,
mysterious secrets;

and there are styles
of only three of four works,

but thanks to these,
a corner of beauty
that otherwise
would have remained hidden
comes to our attention.

For this reason every true poet,
bountiful or sparing,
is irreplacable.

Jose Ortega Y Gasset

Susan Dane - Shell Free

Pedro Salinas - Wake up. Day calls you

Linda Sue Park - Handstand

Nguyen Quyen-Pairs of Shoes

Elizabeth Jennings - Answers

Joyce Kilmer - The House With Nobody In It

Rolfe Humphries - Coming Home

Lucille Clifton - Wishes for Sons

Raymond Carver - What The Doctor Said

Janet Buck - Parting Drapes

Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Sonnet XLI

"Not to have an audience is a kind of death."
Tillie Olsen

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