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Poems about $$$, and what is of Value

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Economic Musings

Freddie loves Fannie,
Neither has a dime to spare.
Their date is on us.

by Tallships

Paper promises
Burn when put in test of fire
Metal warmly glows

by reformed wastrel

Bizarro money
Bankers eat lobster and steak
Sheeple get stale bread

by Founding Fathers

Another bank fails
I'd like to withdraw some cash
What? None left for me?!?

by Sparky

Paper money floats
Like a feather in the breeze
Gone with fiat wind

by Olmstein

Gold Is Money, YES,
Bitterly took the red pill,
Slaughter of Sheeple.

The Argent Dragon

Bob Dylan - Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie

Michael - Window Pain

Joe Napora - There is no poem that will stop this war

Benjamin Franklin - On The Freedom Of The Press

Christopher Cunningham - Public Confidential

John Haines - The Last Election

Resources, what next?

Anti-War Poetry

Majid Naficy - I Do Not Want You, Petroleum

Bruce A Jacobs - Jeep Cherokee

Nazim Hikmet - A Sad State Of Freedom

Majid Naficy - I Do Not Want You, Petroleum

Anti-War Poetry


Twas the night before Baghdad

Tina Borja - Creating Patriots

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Bird With Two Right Wings

Pandora - Priorities

The Red Pill


Grace Ezequiel - Reality

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