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Michael - Window Pain

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Window Pain

Traveling at the speed of light through
Glass corridors of information
Then thrusting forth invisible waves towards infinity's
Signals the windows have reached their intended

The millions who've been fed for years by the enlightened few
Have succumbed to the ethereal coercion
Which led to the gates of slaughter in pursuit of the latest version
All the others are kept in line by codependent confusion
While the unbelievers risk being left out of the synthetic

Control of the media, banks, payments, entertainment,
Wireless data, and the super highway
Is the next justification for monetary domination
A computer in every house and on every desk
Is just one king's new form of taxation
We've thrown off our chains of oppression
And exchange them for the puppet master's strings of persuasion
One mans dream for humanity
Or a megalomaniac's salvation...


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