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Grace Ezequiel - Reality

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(to the tune of FANTASY by Earth Wind + Fire)

Everyone in their place, no one's heart on their face
Who is trying to erase your sanity?
It's their life full of lies, planned for you, don't ask why.
All the dreams, you won't do, in this race.

We took the red-pill antidote,
We read what others wrote,
The horrifying truths came clear, each one.

All our thoughts were their dream, of elites keeping clean
bringing funds to their kingdom of murder.
Take a ride, revive, GIM is alive
Debt is slavery, Fiat life is a lie!

Our courage will bring us together,
until we're silenced never,
We all will risk life together, some with guns.

Come and see victory, in a land called Reality
Loving life, a new decree
Your mind, at last prepares for Liberty.

It's fun!

Come and see, security is not innocent fantasy,
Loving life, wake up and see, to prepare is your dearest ecstacy.

You will find, other kind, that have been in search of you,
Many lies has brought you to
Recognize It's your life, now it's there for you...

And as you re-write your play, using only the truth today,
Waking up will see you through
It's your day, shining day, all your preps secured.

As you glide, in your stride, with your stash, as you bug away.
Give a smile, you ate the pill that day.
You are free, yes you're free, you are on your way...

Come to see victory, in a land called Reality
Love is freedom for you and me
To be whole to your soul is ecstacy.

You will find, other kind that did survive like you
Many lives will thank you too.
Now you're barefoot and safe on a world that's new.

Grace Ezequiel

Are your ready to take the RED PILL?

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