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Tina Borja - Creating Patriots

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Creating Patriots

They wrapped my son in the flag today

told him to pledge his allegiance

swear to not treason

all without reason

for the country that invaded another

the country of my mother

the CIA undercover

killing the man elected by another

mindset, quick-step, don??t step

on the red, white and blue

we say, yes, we can represent you

bring democracy to your country too

at the price of economic destruction

internal revolution

division of families

death and destruction

we will rebuild and empower a new leader

for all you decrepit, pathetic and ignorant people

we will repatriate, dominate

and take your natural resources

build gorgeous golf courses

occupy with no remorse

drink your wine, fuck your women

educate your children so they can be good Christians

not the heathen brethren the

God you love is not from our heaven.

They wrapped my son in the flag today

in an American classroom

under-funded and plundered

by the hypocrite war machine

an underpaid teacher, speaking rhetoric

the party line, stay on the line

don’t deviate, don't question

for fear of retribution

in the form of pointed fingers

tongues wagging, tagging

you, you're unpatriotic

clearly neurotic, a fucking liberal

who dares to speak out

dares to shout out

dares to stamp out

dares to be silenced.

They wrapped my son in the flag today

and on top of that now say he must pray

just a moment of silence to reflect on the day

write a letter to the troops to say hooray

who the hell are they to say

I am un-American.

Because at 8 years old

I don't believe he should be told

what he cannot understand

and recite it with his right hand

on his heart as if that can protect

his mind.

Tina Borja

Social, Political and Anti-War Poems

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