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Listen to the poem
     as it sings its song
of unbridled love for the reader
     Hey there
You with the poem in your eyes
Can't you see
     how I miss you?
Every day my heart goes out
     into the world searching for you
I mean the real you
     & not the descriptions I have
     of you in my head

When you touch me
     all the angels in my body
     break into song
When you leave the music dies
My heart is crying only
     to be pointed in your direction
I sense the light of love in your eyes
     & disappear into anything
you happen to be looking at
     Without you
I'm an empty flame
     with nothing to burn
     I want only you to read me

Hell is where we come apart
     & squeeze out a few desperate lines
I don't rely on threats
     to keep me going
I just keep you in mind
I may only be as clear as you make me
     but no matter how hard you look
I can't be a mirror
     if you don't see yourself
No poem can live without a reader
     & I can't last a moment without you
     calling me back to life

-Steve Toth

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