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Authors with insights into the creative process.

Art and Reality, Ways of the Creative Process
Joyce Cary, Harper and Brothers, C. 1958

Creativity and Conformity
Clark Moustakas, Van Nostrand Paperback, C.1967.

Interview With The Muse
Remarkable Women Speak On Creativity and Power
Nina Winter, Moon Books, C.1962

Exploring the Crack In The Cosmic Egg
Split Minds And Meta Realities
Joseph Chilton Pearce, Pocket books, Paperback, 1974.

Dawns And Dusks, Conversations With Diana MacKown
Louise Nevelson, Scribners, Paperback, 1976.

Sapphic Songs: Seventeen To Seventy
Elsa Gidlow

Dear Theo; The Autobiography of Vincent Van Gogh
Ed. Irving Stone, C 1937, Signet Paperback 3rd printing

Boundaries Of The Soul
June Singer, C. 1972, Anchor Books Edition, Paperback.

Culture Against Man
Jules Henry, C. 1963, Vintage Books paperback 1965.

The Gospel Of Relativity
Walter Starcke, Harper and Row, 1973 paperback.

The Strange And The Familliar
The Lesbian Reader, Peggy Allegro, Amazon Press 1975

Carl Rodgers On Personal Power:
Inner Strength and its Revolutionary Impact,
Carl Rodgers, Delacorte press 1977

Mrs. Stevens Hears The Mermaids Singing
May Sarton, C 1965, 1974 edition, Norton Paperback.

Leaves Of Grass
Walt Whitman, Avon Paperback 1969

Blackberry Winter, My Earlier Years
Margaret Mead, William Morrow + Co. 1972.

The Decline And Fall Of Science
Celia Green, Institute of Psychophysical Research, England, 1977.

Very Far Away From Anywhere Else
Ursula K LeGuin, C. 1976, 1978 Printing, bantam Paperback

In Favor Of The Sensitive Man and other Essays
Anais Nin, Har/Brace, 1976

A Woman Speaks
Anais Nin.

I and Thou
Martin Buber, Translation by Walter Kaufmann, Scribners 1970.

Toward The One
Sufi Order U.S.A., Harper Colophone Books, 1974.

Beyond God The Father
Mary Daly, Beacon Press, C. 1973.

Tao: The Watercourse Way
Alan Watts, Pantheon, C.1973.

A Rap On Race
Margaret Mead and James Baldwin, Delta paperback 1971

The Silent Pulse
George Leonard, E.P. Dutton, C.1978.

104. Das Energi
Paul Williams, Warner Books, C.1973.

Autobiography of Isadora Duncan
Award books paperback, 1968.

Jean Christophe
Romain Rolland, C.1910, Avon Books 1969 paperback.

Jean Christophe In Paris
Romain Rolland, C.1911, Avon Books 1969 paperback.

Jean Christophe Journeys end
Romain Rolland, C.1913, Avon Books 1969 Paperback.

The Rebel
Camus, Random House Paperback, C.1956.

The Transparent Self
Sidney M. Jourard, Hardback.

Dag Hammarskhold, Alphred A knopf, 1966.

The Interpreter
Bill Moyers Journal
Educational Broadcasting Corporation, WNET TV, NYC. 1973

Person To Person, The Problem of Being Human
Carl R. Rogers and Barry Stevens
C.1967, Pocketbook 1973 Edition

The Teachings Of Don Juan
Carlos Castaneda, Ballantine Books paperback 1968

Power and Innocence
Rollo May, W.W. Noerton, C 1972.

The Hidden Order Of Art
Anton Ehrenzweig, U. of Cal Press, 1971 Edition, C.1967.

Centering In Pottery, Poetry and the Person
Mary Caroline Richards, Wesleyan Univ. Press. 1964, C.1962.

Edward Hoppers Process of Self-Analysis
Gail Leven, ArtNews Magazine, Oct. 1980.

The Psychology of the Artist
Sheldon Choist, M.D., Beau Rivage Press, 1977.

A Time Of Harvest; Interview With Jane Rule
Sarah Kennedy, Branching Out magazine, Sept. 1980.

The Voice of James Dickey
Writers Yearbook 1981, Bruce Joel Hillman.

How To Read, How To Write
Vladimir Nabokov, Esquire Magazine, Sept. 1980.

Anne Sexton, Forward by Kurt Vonnegut.

Phenomenology And Art
Jose Ortega Y Gasset, Translated by Philip W. Silver,
W.W. Norton And Co. C. 1975.

Famous Writers Annual
Famous Writers School, 1970.

The Creative Process
Ed. Brewster Ghiselin, New American Library paperback 1952.

Working It Out
23 Women Writers, Artists, Scientists and Scholars Talk about their Lives and Work. Aara Ruddish and Pamela Daniela, Pantheon Books, 1977.

Amazon Odyssey
Ti-Grace Atkinson, Links Books paperback, 1974

Women And Honor: Some Notes On Lying
Adrienne Rich, Motherroot Publications 1978, C.1977.

Margaret Anderson, Horizon, C.1969.
The Strange Necessity

Cradles of Eminence
Victor Goertzel and Mildred G. Goertel
Little Brown Paperback, C.1962.

Magical Child
Joseph Chilton Pearce, Paladin Books Paperback, 1979 Pringing

Georgia O'Keefe
Georgia O'Keefe, Viking Press, 1976.

The Perennial Philosophy
Alduous Huxley, Harper Colophon Books, 1970 edition, C.1944.

Consciousness And Creativity
Ed. John-Raphael Staude, C 1977
Pan/Proteus Press Paperback, Berkeley, Cal.

Psychic Energy, Its Source And Its Transformation
M. Esther harding, C.1948, Bollingen Paperback edition 1973.

Fragments of a Journal
Eugene Ionesco, Evergreen Press Paperback, C. 1968
Evergreen Press paperback 1979 editon.

Revelation And Experience
Carol R Murphy, Pendle Hill Pamplet 137
Sowers printing Co. Lebanon Penn, C. 1973

The Dimensions Of Creativity
Series of Tapes by Rollo May
a. Creativity
b. Being
c. Myths
d. Oedipus and Meditation

Psychotherpay and Existentialism
Selected Papers of Logotherapy
Victor Frankl, Simon and Schuster, Vienna, 1967 paperback.

Existential Vacuum
Dr. Victor Frankl, series of tapes, Nada Ranch, Sedona, Arizona.

Letters to a Young Poet
Rainer Maria Rilke, W.W. Norton 1934

The Book On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are
Alan W. Watts, Collier Books 5th printing, c. 1966.

Selected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Signet Paperback, 3rd printing.

Art Talk,
Cindy Nemser, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1975.

The Real Nature Of Mystical Experience
Gopi Krishna, New Concepts Publishing,
10 E 39th st. NYC, 1978

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, The Permanent Goethe
Ed. Thomas Mann, Dial press, C.1953.

The Journals Of Abraham Maslow
Ed. Richard J. Lowry, Lewis Publishing Co. C.1982.

Do You have What It Takes To Become A Novelist?
John Gardner, Esquire Magazine, April 1983.

Myths To Live By
Joseph Cambell, Bill Moyers Journal, P.B.S., Television
A. Part one; April 17, 1981.
b. Part two; April 24, 1981.

The Passionate Mind
A Manual For Living Creatively With One's Self
Joel Kramer, Celestial Arts Press, Millbraw, Ca. 1974.

My Confessions
Leo Tolstoy.

Radio interview with Harry Crews
P.B.S., Boston 1979.

Actors On Acting
Joanmarie Kalter, Sterling Publishing Co. 1979.

The Metaphoric Mind
Bob Samples, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., C.1976.

Beyond Ego, Transpersonal Dimensions In Psychology
Ed. Roger N. Walsh, M.D., and Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.
J.P. Tarcher, Inc., C.1980.

The Mind's I
Fantasies and Reflections of Self and Soul
Douglas R. Hofstadter and Daniel C. Dennett, Basic Books, C. 1981.

Therapeia: Creating Sacred Psychology
Jean Houston, Mandalama Journal, Nov. 1971 issue.

The Lonely Labyrinth, Kierkegaard's Pseudonymous Works
Josiah Thompson, Southern Illinois Press, C. 1967.

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