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Solitude and notes on the Herd

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"I try more and more to be myself,
caring relatively little whether people approve or dissaprove."

Vincent Van Gogh

"I am aware of connectiveness - it is impossible to be isolated completely,
but my interest is in solely finding my own way.
I don't mind being miles away from everybody else."

Eva Hesse

"Group activities weaken our will.
They may be a solace to loneliness,
but they do not foster the individual creative will.

Anais Nin

"When I am, as it were, completely myself,
entirely alone, and of good cheer -

say, traveling in a carriage,
or walking after a good meal,
or during the night when I cannot sleep;

it is on such occasions
that my ideas flow best and most abundantly."

Wolfgang Mozart

"The rebel insists that his identity be respected;
he fights to preserve his intellecutal and spiritual integrity
against the suppressive demands of his society.
He must range himself against the group
which represents to him conformism, adjustment,
and the death of his own originality and voice."

Rollo May

"Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist...
nothing is at last sacred
but the integrity of your own mind."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"There have never been many persons in the world.
There have never been many people
who even knew they had the option
of becoming persons.
Instead our world has always been
insidiously divided between leaders and followers,
idolised elites and anynymous masses...
in neither role do we assert the ideal of personhood;
we only assume prefrabricated identities
bound by custom and function."

Theodore Roszak

"If a man is to be independent he must stand alone,
and how many men are there who are capable of that?
On the one hand, freedom in the wilderness,
on the other, mankind... the herd is evil smelling,
but it gives warmth."

Romain Rolland

"When a person's involvement in a situation is based on appearances, expectations or the standards of others;
when he acts in a conventional manner, or according to prescribed roles and functions,
when he is concerned with status and approval; his growth as a creative self is impaired.
When the individual is conforming, following, imitating, being like others,
he moves increasingly in the direction of self alienation."

Clark Moustakas

"I am convinced that creativity is apriori to the integrity of universe
and that life is regenerative and conformity meaningless."

Buckminster Fuller

"I feel more and more detached from the outside world,
from crowds, from the public and from anything mechanized.
I prefer mainly to be alone.

I am indifferent to exterior echoes and I do not cultivate art critic friends.
If there are three people who really find something interesting in my paintings,
that gives me more pleasure than a collective success..."

Leonore Fini

"Is is instructive to think that there is not a single person in this room,
or for that matter in any room in the world,
who at some nicely chosen point in historical time-space,
would not be put to death there and then,
here and now, by a commonsense majority in righteous rage.
The color of one's creed, necktie, eyes, thoughts, manners, speech,
is sure to meet somewhere in time or space with a fatal objection
from a mob that hates that particular tone.
And the more brilliant, the more unusual the man,
the nearer he is to the stake. "Stranger" always rhymes with "Danger".
The meek prophet, the enchanter in his cave, the indignant artist,
the nonconforming little schoolboy, all share in the same sacred danger.
And this being so, let us bless them, let us bless the freak;
for in the natural evolution of things,
the ape would perhaps never have become man
had not a freak appeared in the family.

Vladimir Nabokov

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