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Thats Jorge

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----is when someone older
-------can bend their knees easier than you
-----------and washes your floors with love;

is when he then says,
----You always care for me.
---------But he brings presents for my parents
--------------without ever having met them.

And he says, Put a card inside,
----in English, and say, From Jorge.
--------Although I dont know you,
-------------I know you through your daughter.

I hope your father will like the little sculpture,
----although they are dead people,
--------playing piano and the corpse singing.

Well he will like it because he writes music
----and after he is dead,
--------people will still listen to him. I said.

And the nativity scene.
Is your mother Catholic? he asked.
----Shocked when I said no.

--------But she thinks of God on Christmas,
------------I said, hoping it was true.
---------------- So this nativity scene, she'll like it.

And inside was a Joseph and a Mary,
And a little baby.
And behind, with the smallest of wings,
----in the background.
----------A little angel.

----------------That's Jorge.

- Judith Pordon

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