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Casa Poema : Poetry, Photos, and Quotes

Welcome to Casa Poema
Writers Retreat.
A paradise of poetry.
Un paraíso de la poesía.

You have traveled online to tropical
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
where poetry is a way of life.

Inspired by the poems of writers
from all corners of the world,
we bring you a collection

of literary, inspirational, often surprising
and sometimes outrageous
poems and quotes

in English and Spanish.




Photo Pages

Poems by
Maya Angelou, Li Bai,
Billy Collins, Ruben Dario,
Emily Dickinson, Bob Dylan,
Catherine Faber, Robert Frost,
Lola Haskins, Jennifer Michael Hecht,
Nazim Hikmet, Carilda Oliver Labra,
Dorianne Laux, Federico Garcia Lorca,
Kaneko Mitsuharu, Gabriela Mistral,
Lucy Maud Montgomery, Simone Muench,
Jean Nordhaus, Rainer Maria Rilke,
Jelaluddin Rumi, Jaime Sabines,
George Santayana, May Sarton,
Helena Sinervo, Rabindranath Tagore,
Sarah Teasdale, Elaine Maria Upton,
Blanca Varela, David Wagoner,
Alice Walker, Charles Harper Webb,
Tennessee Williams, Elinor Wylie,
and others.

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