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James Doyle - Vitamins

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If there are others out there
who also take twenty-three
pills at a time four times
every day, please contact me
through the personals. We can
help each other force them down.
I will say they are tiny sandbags
keeping things on course. Youll reply
they are the flow itself, the tao.
We will look shyly at each other.
We will start to kiss. Together
we will feel them ooze and sidle
in teams through the digestive
tract like synchronized swimmers.
Who else will know your insides
like me? The warm flush of waves
when that orange horse pill hits
the blood like a boulder. The fizz
of cartilage holding itself together
for another six hours. Time release
capsules for dry bones, bleached
desert rats gulping down canteen
after canteen. What couple could
have more in common than a continual
dissolving? I am a young seventy-nine.
Looking for a minumum taker of sixty
pills daily. Call me if you want
to twist some tops off. Lets rattle
the bottles till theyre gone. Smokers okay.

James Doyle